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Plasma Treatment Machine


Efficient Plasma Application


The plasma treatment machine designed and developed by Selmatron is the ideal solution for the efficient and controlled application of plasma. This robust equipment is distinguished by its smoke extraction system and a barcode reader, facilitating integration into your business’s production process.

It also incorporates control software with programmable recipes, allowing for quicker and more efficient processes.

Plasma treatment is crucial for preparing components before processes such as bonding, painting, varnishing, and coating. It offers an economical solution for cleaning and activating surfaces, significantly improving the wettability and adhesion of paints, glues, and coatings on various surfaces.

The machine also allows for the application of plasma treatment on parts of varying configurations and includes a rotary table that optimizes cycle time, allowing for the preparation of one piece while another is being processed.

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In terms of applications, this machine has a broad field of use, being particularly useful whenever you want to improve adhesion in your processes.

The operating principle is equally advanced. The system includes a rotary table with two identical jigs, which allows for the continuous preparation of parts. The plasma application head, mounted on an XYZ movement system, precisely configures the plasma “path”, making the equipment extremely flexible and adaptable to any product.

The innovative design ensures that each piece receives a uniform and effective treatment, maximizing the quality and efficiency of the process.

Selmatron continues to reinforce its commitment to innovation and efficiency, offering its clients cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific needs of their industrial processes.

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1336 x 2299 x 1339 mm
  • Weight: 1250 kg
  • Max. Product Dimensions: 400 x 150 x 250 mm
  • Electrical Supply: 240 V AC
  • Pneumatic Supply: 6 Bar
  • Power: 5.75 kW

  • Rotary table with two Jigs – one in operation and another in preparation
  • Configurable plasma application (path)
  • Smoke extraction system
  • Control software with product-specific recipes
  • Plasma application with x, y, z axis system
  • Product barcode reader
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