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Leakage Test Machine


Configurable Standard Equipment


At Selmatron, we design and develop standard leak testing machines that integrate two distinct testing positions, thus increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the process.

These configurable equipments include barcode readers and interchangeable jigs, which significantly simplify the testing process for the client.

These machines are designed to test the seal integrity of final products, effectively determining their sealing capability.

With two independent testing positions, it is possible to prepare one product while testing is being performed on another, optimizing operation time and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, the equipment can be scaled according to the specific needs of each test and allows for the automatic recording of test results, associating them with the product’s serial number through barcode reading.

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This product’s applications are crucial, especially for testing the product’s waterproofing against the ingress of water or dust. This feature is essential to validate the product in the final stage of the assembly line, ensuring that all required quality standards are met.

The operating principle of this system is meticulously designed for maximum efficacy.

The product is placed in one of the nests and, after the operator moves away from the barriers, the upper nest descends to create the smallest possible air volume around the product.

Then, air is injected up to a certain pressure and the decrease in pressure is measured. If the decrease values remain above the defined limit, the product is approved. All obtained values are automatically recorded in a database, facilitating quality management and analysis.

With this equipment, Selmatron continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing advanced testing solutions that ensure the integrity and quality of your business’s products.

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1290 x 2316 x 700 mm
  • Weight: 280 kg
  • Max. Product Dimensions: 400 x 150 x 250 mm
  • Electrical Supply: 240 V AC
  • Pneumatic Supply: 5 Bar
  • Power: 3.68 kW

  • Two testing positions
  • Interchangeable jigs
  • Barcode readers
  • Configurable testing equipment
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