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Case Study

Automatic Screwdriving System


Selmatron developed a solution for a furniture industry client whose need was to automate the process of screwing iron hardware into wooden blocks.

The key requirements for the development of this machine included reducing the process cycle time and implementing a highly versatile solution, capable of adapting to a variety of products.

How it works

In this project, an Automatic Screw Driving System with 2 workstations was developed, designed to properly screw wooden blocks with iron hardware and ensure that they are ready to be applied to furniture pieces.

The operation of the machine is essentially divided into 2 main stations:

  • Loading and unloading station. Here, the operator places the wooden blocks and iron hardware in the appropriate location on the jig. The machine has a rotary table that carries the blocks and the iron hardware to the next station (screw driving station), already positioned. After the screw driving, the table rotates again and stops, in order for the operator to safely remove the assembled parts.
  • Screw driving station. It performs the automatic screwing of the iron hardware into the blocks, based on the selected blueprint, ensuring continuous collaboration with the preparation done by the operator and guaranteeing his safety.

The machine features 10 blueprints, meaning it can screw drive 10 different types of combinations. To switch between types of iron hardware and blocks, simply replace the jigs on the machine with those suitable for the type of pieces to be bolted. Then, just select the correct blueprint on the machine’s interface, which includes the coordinates and appropriate points for screw driving.

Benefits obtained

After the proper implementation of the machine in the client’s facilities, the following benefits in their processes can be highlighted:


This machine brought an increase in efficiency to the client’s process, thanks to the transition from a totally manual task to an automated one. The increase in efficiency with this machine is also justified by the application of vibratory feeding technology for screw supply.


The incorporation of a rotary table equipped with two different jigs allows the operator to efficiently load and unload the parts, while the machine continuously and precisely screws the iron hardware, resulting in higher productivity and repeatability.


The final highlight should be given to the transformation of a manual process, with associated risks, into a safer automated operation, integrating technologies such as emergency stop buttons for immediate stops and safety barriers at the loading and unloading station.


Technologies used

In addition to the automation system used, as well as equipment such as jigs and the rotary table, which make this machine the ideal solution for the client’s process, the following technologies stand out:

  • Rotating table. System component that interacts with the rest of the technologies, ensuring maximum safety. Thanks to this table, the operator and the automatic screwdriver can work simultaneously in different stations. While the operator puts the blocks and the iron hardware in one of the jigs (loading and unloading station), the automatic system can screw drive workpieces in the other jig (screw driving station).
  • Screw Feeder. Included in the screw driving station, this is a vibratory feeder whose purpose is to supply screws to the machine, thus ensuring its uninterrupted operation. The vibration generated by this mechanism moves a tray, transporting the screws along a surface to the screwdriver and avoiding hazards associated with the operator’s handling of these objects.
  • Machine Vision System. A technological solution supported on 2 axes, used in conjunction with the screwdriver. This vision system, consisting of 1 camera and 2 lights, allows for the verification and validation of all parts (iron hardware and blocks), ensuring that they have been properly placed by the operator and guaranteeing quality.
  • HMI Panel. High performance operating console with touch screen that ensures the control of the screw driving system software. This equipment’s main highlight is the versatility achieved while manually choosing the right blueprint among the multiple existing combinations of wooden blocks and iron hardware.
  • Safety Barriers. Equipment placed at the loading and unloading station, ensuring that the table does not rotate while the operator is intervening in the machine. It also ensures that after the operator places the wooden blocks and iron hardware and clears the station, the artificial vision system is activated, beginning the appropriate parts’ verification.
  • Emergency Stop Button. A safety technology that, when pressed, allows for the immediate stopping at any time of the machine’s operation in unexpected situations.

We have Standard Machines for your business

At Selmatron, we specialize in the development of various types of Standard Machines, designed to meet common requirements in different industrial processes. These machines represent a practical and inexpensive alternative for companies seeking to optimize operations without the additional investment required by higher-cost customized equipment.
The versatility of our Automatic Screw Driving Systems is remarkable, as they can be adapted to different characteristics between processes, such as the type of screws to be handled and the screw driving area.
This machine is yet another example of all the know-how available to Selmatron’s clients and how it can be used to boost the competitiveness of your business.

Contact us and find out how we can automate your facilities!

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