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Case Study

Headnuts welding automated solution


Industrial system for headnut welding and inspection


This technological project included the entire Selmatron technical team, assigning all available know-how in the design, development, and commissioning of an automated system, prepared to carry out the welding process of headnuts and further inspection.

The engineering team’s briefing resulted in a technological project featured by a set of automated and interconnected systems. The feeding of the headnuts is ensured by a vibrating automated system, which makes the headnuts available and positions it vertically. The product handling system consists of mechanical systems that collect the headnut, analyze its positioning through a vision system based on the physical component of the headnut and place it in the ideal working position. The indexing table transports the product to the next workstation, where the welding system starts the process of fixing a metallic tape around the headnut, using ultrasonic welding, introducing two overlapping welding points.

After the welding process, there is an inspection vision system, which validates the quality of the welding based on the defined acceptance standards, allowing to proceed to the cataloging of the headnuts as an OK or NOK product. Through a pick-and-place system, the product is packed in a reserve blister, and transported to the operator’s collection area.

Technological Solution

  • Feeding system

Vibrating feeder for headnuts conditioning and positioning, with working capacity for 4 references, without the need to change the setup;

  • Handling and manipulation system

Versatile mechanical systems articulated with indexing table, responsible for positioning the work JIG’s, complemented with vision systems to analyze the headnuts positioning.

  • Welding

Ultrasonic welding system with force control, ensured by an electric shaft.

  • Validation

Vision solution that ensures the inspection of metallic tape welding.


The implementation of the above described systems resulted in a higher productive income, ensuring the fulfilment of the requirements initially stipulated where it would be imperative to obtain a cycle time of less than 10 seconds for each headnut and capable of providing an OEE index above 97%.

The versatility of the entire solution allows the customer to adjust the system to 4 different headnut references, without the need for major changes in the initial setup.

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