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Case Study

3D Parts Inspection for quality control


One of the main challenges companies face is the detection of anomalies in produced parts, which can lead to serious quality issues that negatively affect business outcomes.


Selmatron had the challenge to present a solution for 3D parts inspection to modernize and improve the client’s production process. The equipment was pre-programmed at Selmatron’s facilities to analyze the references currently being produced by the client by measuring multiple points on each part.

Project Details

The developed solution serves the purpose of automatic measurement of metallic parts and incorporates a pallet conveyor and an inspection unit using 3D artificial vision technology in a controlled and protected environment. The conveyor consists of three distinct zones: the feeding, the inspection, and the extraction zone.
The operator places four pieces in the feeding zone, initiating the verification cycle. Once he presses the button, the stopper releases the pallets, which will move toward the analysis zone, each carrying one piece. In the analysis zone, the pallets are individualized, indexed, and elevated to eliminate transport vibrations during the inspection. Installed on an electric axis, the Cognex In-Sight 3D camera performs a scan, which analyzes the dimensions and verifies if they are within the specified tolerances.
After inspection, the four pieces are transported to the extraction zone, where they are removed by the operator, depending on the test result and the indicator color:


  • green for OK
  • red for NOK
  • yellow for inconclusive measurement


Once the operator removes the piece from the pallet, it advances and stays in a buffer to be fed with a new piece.

Whenever there is a change in the references to be analyzed, the operator must select the corresponding pre-programmed recipe on the HMI and then start the manual feeding of the pieces.




3D Parts Inspection Machine


Technological Solutions

3D Artificial Vision

The compliance analysis of the parts is performed by the In-Sight 3D-L4000 camera from Cognex, which represents a significant advancement in three-dimensional (3D) vision technology. This unique vision system combines 3D laser displacement technology with an intelligent camera, offering industry professionals a fast, accurate, and cost-effective solution for a wide range of inspections.

The patented blue laser optics, free from blemishes, are a true innovation in the industry, allowing for the acquisition of high-quality real-time 3D images.

Motion Beckhoff

The Beckhoff CX9020 PC is an advanced solution for industrial systems and motion control. With its compact design and powerful features, it offers several application advantages:


  • Motion control performance: The CX9020 is designed to provide precise and efficient motion control in industrial applications. Its 1 GHz ARM Cortex™-A8 processor and integration with Beckhoff I/O systems ensure exceptional performance in motor control and other motion devices.
  • Advanced connectivity: With integrated Ethernet, USB, and DVI-D interfaces, the CX9020 provides a fast and reliable connection to other devices and automation systems, enabling efficient communication with servo motors, frequency inverters, and other motion control components.
  • Programming flexibility: The CX9020 PC supports the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system, offering flexibility in programming environment selection. With support for automation software like TwinCAT, engineers have powerful tools for programming motion control applications.
  • The CX9020 is highly expandable, allowing additional modules and interfaces to meet the specific needs of each motion control application. This includes options such as communication modules, Fieldbus interfaces, and more.
  • Resistance to harsh conditions: With an operational temperature range of -25°C to +60°C, the CX9020 is suitable for operation in challenging industrial environments. Its robustness and reliability ensure consistent performance even in adverse environmental conditions.



In summary, the Beckhoff CX9020 PC is a comprehensive solution for motion control systems, offering exceptional performance, advanced connectivity, and programming flexibility. Thanks to its expandability and ruggedness, it is an ideal choice for industrial automation applications that require precise motion control.

Beijer HMI X2 Base 


In this solution, we have also integrated the Beijer HMI X2 Base, an advanced human-machine interface that offers an efficient and intuitive solution for controlling and monitoring machines and industrial processes. With its clear and bright screen, the HMI X2 Base allows easy visualization of information and simplified interaction through its touch interface. Furthermore, its robust and durable design makes it suitable for demanding industrial environments. With advanced connectivity features and flexible configuration options, the HMI X2 Base provides a superior user experience and contributes to a more efficient and productive operation.

For this specific project, the Beijer HMI X2 Base enables access to the following functions, among others:


  • Login, logout
  • Machine modes: Manual, Home, and Automatic
  • Control restart
  • Language change
  • User management
  • Recipe management
  • Sensor monitoring

Customized Projects

At Selmatron, we are committed to designing industrial automation solutions that modernize the production process across various industries. Our goal is to help companies increase the efficiency of their production systems by providing customized, high-quality solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

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