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Case Study


The multiple industries in which we act reflect the versatility of the projects developed at Selmatron and prove the ease of adaptation to the specific needs of each client.

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Case Studies

Laser Engraving Machine
Selmatron is delighted to introduce one of its latest specialized machines, developed specifically for EMAF 2023, one of the biggest…
OLI Automatic Valve Assembly Cell
Selmatron's engineering team has developed an automatic assembly cell that optimizes manual production lines.
Automatic Screw Driving System
Selmatron developed a solution for a furniture industry client whose need was to automate the process of screwing iron hardware into wooden…
Headnuts welding automated solution
Automation of the ultrasonic welding process in headnuts.
Equipment Testing System
Industrial automation solution for production and quality assurance testing.
Sensor Mounting Solution
Industrial automation of sensor pre-assembly...
End-of-Line Testing Equipment
Integrated automation system for final testing of relays for the automotive industry...
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